Biology & Biochemistry Imaging Core (BBIC)

Olympus FV1000 Startup / Shutdown

Olympus Startup

Switch on in this order:

  1. (Box 1) Hg lamp: Flip switch to on (Once on, it needs to stay on for at least 30 minutes)
  2. (Box 2) Ar laser*: Flip switch to on (starts fan), then turn key to on (powers laser)
  3. (Box 3) 543 HeNe laser*: turn key to on (powers laser)
  4. (Box 4) 633 HeNe laser*: turn key to on (powers laser)
  5. (Box 5) 405 laser*: Flip switch, turn key to on (powers laser), Flip silver switch up to open shutter (if closed)
  6. (Box 6) PSU (Olympus “brain”): turn key to on, Flip switch
  7. (Box 7) UCB (Microscope “brain”): This box now stays “on”.
  8. (Box 8) Prior stage controls: Flip switch
  9. (Box 9) Computer: boot up, then start FV1000 software

*If you know you will not need a certain laser, you can leave it off. You should inform any users after you.

Olympus Shutdown

  1. Make sure the shutter is closed (it’s below the objectives on the right side of the microscope).
  2. Clean any oil off the objectives (check the sides as well as the lens- since this is an inverted microscope, oil can run down the sides).
  3. Exit FV1000 software. The computer can stay on if you need to transfer data files.
  4. If someone is scheduled to use the FV1000 after you within 3 hours, you can leave everything else on. If not, then proceed as outlined below:
    1. Cover microscope
    2. (Box 8) Flip switch to off
    3. (Box 7) Leave this box on.
    4. (Box 6) Flip switch to off, turn key to off
    5. (Box 5) Turn key to off, Flip switch to off (closing shutter is optional)
    6. (Box 4) Turn key to off
    7. (Box 3) Turn key to off
    8. (Box 2) Turn key to off, DO NOT FLIP THE SWITCH YET! (The fan needs to run for at least 5 minutes. This helps to cool the Ar laser and extend its useful life.)
    9. (Box 1) Flip switch to off (Once off, it needs to stay off for at least 30 minutes)
    10. After 5+ minutes, flip switch on Box 2 to off (the fan volume will decrease quite noticeably when it’s ready to be switched off).
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