Biology & Biochemistry Imaging Core (BBIC)

IVIS Rules

1) The BBIC will supply the charcoal filters and the oxygen tanks. However, it is the responsibility of the users to inform the Core Manager (Dr. Kathleen Gajewski) when these supplies are getting low so that they can be reordered. For example, if the O2 tank runs out and you hook up the spare, send the manager an e-mail. Likewise, if you replace a charcoal filter and notice that there are only 2 or 3 left, notify the manager. If everyone keeps on eye on these materials, we can avoid disruptions in everyone’s experimental schedules due to a lack of O2 and/or filters.

2) However, isoflurane is to be supplied be the individual labs using the IVIS. Therefore, this isoflurane setup is a “BYOB type system”, so try to fill the vaporizer with no more than what you need.

3) Do not forget to weigh the charcoal filters EACH TIME you use the XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia System, record the weight on the cylinders, and replace them once they go over the weight limit. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY, as it minimizes your exposure to isoflurane.

4) If the smell of isoflurane is strong, and/or you get a headache, and/or you start feeling irritable, SWITCH OFF THE XGI-8 AND LEAVE THE ROOM. Let the air clear before going back in to diagnose the problem. Do not hesitate to call our Perkin Elmer rep, Will Hauser, for help. His card is posted on the side of the IVIS.

5) Please document your use. Use the Booked calendar on-line to reserve your imaging sessions. In addition, fill out the paper use log on the desk.

6) PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES. It is totally unacceptable to leave mouse waste or fur or bits of cage bedding behind in the induction chambers or the IVIS manifold. A bottle of 70% ethanol is provided for cleanup. Spray the equipment down, let it dry, and wipe it up. You can detach the induction chambers from the hoses and take them to the sink for cleaning with soap and water if you wish. This is for your benefit, as you don’t want your mice to die from any infection caught from a filthy mess left behind by an inconsiderate user. If you find a mess when you go to use the IVIS set up, please inform the Core Manager, take pictures if possible, and clean it up for the sake of your experiment. Repeat cleanliness offenders will be banned from using the equipment.

The picture below shows the induction chambers in an unacceptable state. There are mouse droppings (cyan arrows), bedding crumbs (yellow arrow) and stains on the countertop (circled in red). NEVER leave the setup up looking like this.


You may put a paper towel UNDER the wire rack to catch waste and speed up cleanup. Do not put it on top of the rack, as it will block the flow of isoflurane, which is heavier than air and comes into the chambers under the racks.

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